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Dear Black People…


Dear Black People

It’s time someone says this, but from the bottom of my heart I’m truly sorry that your lives are shattered and torn apart.
I can’t say any words to take away the pain and fear you feel.
The anguish and disgust you face every day as members of your family are gunned down and killed.
Killed senselessly by people who think the lack of pigmentation in their skin makes them a God.
I can’t take away the countless men and women who have been killed just because their skin is darker than mine.
Their skin, closer to the shade of darkness and fear than the cotton your ancestors have picked at the demands of mine.
I can’t take away the targeting, the racial profiling, and the unfair killing.
I’m sorry that you face each day worried about your children.
I’m sorry that the blue lights in your rear view mirror invoke a feeling of panic and fear.
Forcing thoughts of death, instead of help and care.
True, not all police are bad, but making excuses is a crime.
Wearing a badge is not an excuse to snuff out a life in its prime.
We have to stop. For at the other end of this violence is someone’s son, brother, husband, father.
It’s gotten to a point that some people use their white skin as a badge of authority where none exists.
I’m sorry that we live in a society where trained police are excused to act emotionally and with insanity, and unarmed black people are expected to maintain patience and mental clarity.
You’re told, “Don’t move, hands up!” But yet the minute you move your hands you hear “He’s reaching for a gun!”
You’re told “turn off the car and step out of the vehicle”, but the second you do you hear “he’s trying to run!”
As you reach for the ignition fear and privilege presents the opportunity for your brother, sister, father, mother, son, or daughter to be killed.
I’m sorry that you’re stuck between “don’t move” and “step out of the car” suspended in a void between being told to comply yet resisting the orders to lay down and die.
They say #AllLivesMatter and this is true, but we must repeat #BlackLivesMatter until it is engrained in us that we have pushed aside this demographic to treat them as though they’re expendable.

BlackLivesMatter serves as a reminder that the shade of one’s skin is no excuse to die struggling to breathe or pouring out your blood onto the supposed land of the free.
#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter

We must repeat it until we understand that the color of your skin is no excuse to kill.
We are a country divided. Split by religion, torn apart by skin color, and separated by will.
We have become ripped at the seams and each side seems to be fighting a battle that continues to get worse.
While some of us try to hold together the torn fabric of society, and play a part in a war that’s only getting worse.
I’m not here to make excuses or offer a solution because that’s been done before.
But I’m here to say I stand with you, and I’m sorry your reflexes are sore.
Im sorry your arms are heavy from holding them high, and I’m sorry that your heart is tired from pounding as you cry.
I’m sorry that your time is consumed attending funerals and memorials of your brothers and sisters who were killed before their time was up.
I’m sorry that your ability to grieve and mourn has been taken away and replaced by anger and protests by hearts that are torn.
You fear for your life every time you step out your door.
I’m sorry that you kiss your mother goodbye for a trip to the grocery store.
If this post makes white people mad, then good, because it should. We need to stand up and stand beside our people of color.
Yes, OUR people of color. We are all related in this human existence, yet we act as though it doesn’t concern us until the violence lacks distance.
I’m sorry that your dark skinned brothers and sisters face life in prison for a crime that, had been committed by a white person, would receive less time.
I’m sorry that you’re forced to fear all white people even though some of us aren’t bad.
Some of us are on your side, and some of us are mad.
But you can’t see that because of the spilled blood and anger forming tears in your tired eyes.
You don’t have time to look around as your community dies.
Some of us are angry that you’re locked in a fear like that of an animal caught in a snare.
Some of us stand with you, and some of us don’t, but I promise the latter is far less than that of the ones who want to see you die.
It’s time we use OUR voice to help defend the stolen voices of African Americans in this country.
Voices stolen by a bullet or muscles aching to take a life.
Voices stolen by violence, by anger and strife.
White people armed with guns can storm a state capital & no one blinks an eye,
But black people can’t drive down the road without the threat that they may die.
I’m sorry that you’re stuck in a corner fighting for your right to live.
Clawing and screaming that your lives do matter with nothing left to give.
I sit here in tears as I write all this down
While black people hold their head above rushing water, fighting not to drown.
My heart aches for the lives taken and lost
We say America is free but someone pays the cost.
People of color, I’m sorry for the mental and emotional exhaustion you feel.
I’m sorry for the domestic threat to your lives, and I’m sorry that your life is viewed as lesser than, and not equal to a skin tone that allows the blood of your own to be visible, smeared, and seen even though it’s ignored.
So dear black people, from the bottom of my heart I’m truly sorry.
And dear white people, it’s time we stand up and fight.
I’d rather die than film someone extinguish a light.
We have to speak up for our voices aren’t locked away, they’re not covered by a veil of fear, they’re not silenced every day.
We have an obligation to defend the people dying.
To stand up and speak for the mother who is crying.
We need to speak out and it’s time to stand guard
Of people who are exhausted, and their hearts are scarred.
I was afraid to post this, but my fear is no greater than,
Guns pulled on an innocent unarmed black man.
So dear black people, I’m done standing quietly by, as members of your own silently die.
No more excuses, no more apologies, and no more silence.
As your brothers and sisters die from the claim of non compliance.
Dear black people, I can’t take all this away, but I promise to stand by you and fight every day.
We’ll fight this war together, as united we stand.
I’ll mend your wounds, let you rest, and take you by the hand.
I’ll lead you out of darkness and into light, for your life is worth each breath and together we will fight.

Written by Chase Ferrell, 5/29/2020
*Feel free to share! If you don’t have anything nice to say then stay silent. It’s time we speak out for those who no longer can.